Greenora Hosting Affiliation

For each plan sold we recognize a 35% commission and the opportunity to try our products FREE for one month.

Greenora Hosting, unrivaled affiliation.

Greenora Hosting is a new company on the market and for us having a network of affiliates is essential.
By working with us you will get many advantages including: a dedicated consultant , exclusive discounts to test our products, discounts for your visitors , as well as a much higher percentage than our competitors.
On this page, point by point you will find all the details of our affiliate program .
If you have any kind of doubt, we are always at your disposal via chat on the website, email or on Facebook and instagram .
Affiliazione Greenora Hosting

Account, Platform and Link, Media Kit


To try out our features, you can register as an affiliate on this link :

Piattaforma e Link

In your customer area you will need to navigate to the " Affiliates " section, within this section you will find a detailed control panel .

This will allow you to check your performance and evaluate your conversion rate .

Our affiliation system is based on a link with an integrated code , which you can find directly in the control panel.

You can insert the link wherever you prefer, as well as being free to use a shortify link system.

Once your visitors click on the link provided, a 90-day cookie will be installed so that they can attribute purchases to you.

Media Kit

In order for you to have advertising materials to use, as an affiliate you have access to our media kit , containing our black and white logos, as well as plan logos.

You can download from the following link:

Commissioni, Cookie, Ritiro Minimo e Sconti

Features Affiliation of Greenora Hosting

90-day cookie and Minimum Withdrawal starting from ₹0.00

Once your visitors have clicked on your link they will have up to 3 months to make a purchase, so you will have a better chance of receiving a commission. In addition, the minimum withdrawal is ₹0.00, which means a sale will be enough to collect the commission.

35% commission on every plan sold

You will receive a 35% commission for each plan sold. The purchase of individual domains is excluded from this commission.

Personalized discount for your visitors

On request we can generate a discount code (with your name or brand) that your visitors can use to get a 5% discount on all our available Hosting plans.
Just invite them to use the code at checkout.

Contractual conditions Affiliation Greenora Hosting

In detail our contractual terms

  • The purchase will be attributed to the affiliate if it appears that the user has clicked on the affiliate's affiliate link within 90 days and subsequently made the purchase;
  • The purchase will be attributed to the affiliate if the user has used the discount code issued by Greenora Hosting and linked to the same affiliate.
  • All paid hosting plans available at any time are included in the commission
  • Individual domain purchases are excluded from the commission.
  • The commission attributed to the affiliate will be equal to 35% of the customer's purchase amount
  • The minimum withdrawal is ₹0.00

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